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Upholstery cleaning may be even more important than carpet cleaning in many ways. Think about it…where do you sit more often, on your couch or on your carpet? Yes, carpet gets the worst of the dirty shoes and mud tracked in from outside, but your upholstery takes a considerable amount of abuse as well.

Who hasn’t come in from yard work hot, tired and sweaty and plopped down on the couch or the recliner to rest and rehydrate? Dirt, sweat, and body oils rub off on the upholstery. Are your teenagers really taking their shoes off every time they are putting their feet on the couch? Even if they are, are their feet clean or are they rubbing stinky foot sweat off on the upholstery?

The most common comments that we hear after a thorough upholstery cleaning is how good the furniture smells. People generally expect that upholstery cleaning will lift dirt away and bring back the original colors of the upholstery that many people forgot were even there, but few people realize that the grungy, grimy dirt that is lifted with proper upholstery cleaning also lifts “baked-in” upholstery odors.

Professional upholstery cleaning will bring your original upholstery beauty back to life, but the deep cleaning upholstery steam cleaning that we use will lift odors that you have grown used to and may not even realize are there. Cat hair, dog hair, and natural human oils will not only dull your upholstery, all these things will also leave furniture odors that accumulate slowly over time. It happens so slowly that you may not even notice the upholstery odors until after you have your upholstery cleaning, then you’ll notice how great your upholstery smells.

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    Pet Odors, Pet Hair, and Upholstery Cleaning

    If you have pets, you may worry every time someone with dark pants or a dark skirt visits and sits on your couch because you know that when they stand up, they will take enough cat hair or dog hair home with them to make a pillow. You may even keep a lint roller handy for just such an occasion. With regular upholstery cleaning, you can relax. We’ll remove every bit of cat hair, dog hair or even hamster hair. (P.S. It’s probably not a good idea to let the hamster loose on the sofa. Besides the fact that hamsters LOVE to use upholstery for bedding, they can also fit in places that you thought only change from your pocket could go. Nobody wants to find Harry the Hamster when you are blindly digging for spare change in the bottom of the couch…but I digress). Whatever kind of pet hair seems to be woven into the fabric of your upholstery, our industry leading steam cleaning upholstery cleaning process will lift pet hair strand by strand until the upholstery of your furniture is as close to new as it can possibly be.

    Of course, you can have your upholstery cleaned any time you think you need it. In fact, cut a lemon and smell it now to cleanse your “odor palate”, and then go smell your upholstery. If you make a funny face, call us and get that taken care of. Save your funny face for the times when you need to make the kids laugh and nothing else is working.

    But the best time to get a good upholstery cleaning is when you are getting your carpet cleaning services. We can combine upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning on one trip and save you money over the cost of doing them on separate trips.
    So call us today for the best upholstery cleaning in the Austin area including Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Lakeway, and Leander.