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Sam’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, operating out of Pflugerville, is the premier local carpet cleaning company in the entire Round Rock – Austin area.  From the time you first type “clean my carpet” into your favorite search engine all the way up until you feel safe enough to once again lay face-down on your soft, luxurious, freshly cleaned carpet, you’ll notice the Sam difference.

If you have ever experienced the impersonal-take-a-number service of a large chain carpet cleaner, you will agree that, even though carpet cleaning may only take an hour or two, pleasant, personal service shouldn’t be too much to ask from your carpet cleaner.

If you’ve ever invited one of the “I don’t know much about carpet cleaning, I just got into this to make money” franchise type of carpet cleaners into your home, you will agree that there is value in carpet cleaning professionals who take their time to do a thorough job.  You can appreciate a carpet cleaner who is busy and doesn’t have time to waste, but you are left felling cheated when the “money first” franchise carpet cleaners don’t take extra time removing carpet stains or pet urine odors completely.

Sam’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is turning the local carpet cleaning industry on its head.  We are knocking out the competition by being the best carpet cleaning company in the area.  The secret to our success is our commitment to the customer.  We know that steam cleaning is not an activity you need weekly, but we also know that if you are super-impressed with our superior steam cleaning, complete pet urine odor removal, ninja-like stain removing techniques, and unsurpassed friendly, professional service, you’ll spread the word to all your friends in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Lakeway, and anywhere else in the Austin area where your stained carpet friends may live.

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Carpet Cleaning Will Let You Be Barefoot at Home Again

After all, when you visit their house and they insist you remove your shoes, you are tired of walking on their crunchy carpet.  You will feel good about recommending us, so that when you visit, you’ll be happy to go barefooted because of the soft, luscious, no-longer-crunchy carpet that Sam’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning brought back from the dead.  Your friend’s baby will appreciate it, too!

We know it’s hard for customers to decipher the difference between the carpet cleaning hacks with cheap equipment and the best carpet cleaners using the best steam cleaners available on the market.  Indeed, we would agree that there is very little difference between on carpet cleaner using that little, cheap, subpar carpet cleaning wand and another carpet cleaner using that little steam cleaning wand.  Everyone uses those wands because they are cheap.  When you use an inferior steam cleaner, it’s difficult to do a better job than another hack using the same cheap steam cleaning wand.

The first thing you’ll notice about Sam’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is our equipment is different than the little stick steamer you are used to seeing.  The reason is that we are serious about giving you the best carpet cleaning experience you can find in the Round Rock/Austin area.  We didn’t skimp on our carpet cleaning equipment because, unlike other carpet cleaners, we refuse to skimp on our customers.

We know that when we clean our own carpets, we want the best steam cleaning on the market.  Knowing what we do about the carpet cleaning industry, we wouldn’t settle for a stick-based steam cleaning.We would insist on proper cleaning, which includes using the best steam cleaner to loosen dirt and pet odors trapped deep down in the carpet fibers, oscillating brushes especially designed for carpet cleaning to lift the dirt to the surface, a powerful vacuum to remove every bit of dirt, dust, and microscopic allergens from the carpet, and the industry leading water remover to leave our carpets cleaned, soft, dry, and odor-free.  We don’t believe our customers should settle for anything less.

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Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Rocket Surgery

We aren’t pretending that carpet cleaning is rocket surgery, but we do know that some very basic scientific principles guide our carpet cleaning philosophies.  We believe that business ethics dictate that carpet cleaners make every effort to completely remove carpet stains, lift deep down dirt, eliminate trapped allergens, and dissipate, not mask, odors trapped in the fibers of the carpet.  No carpet cleaner, no matter how hard they work, can do all of this with inferior equipment.  You’ll find that our carpet cleaning prices are competitive although you’ll clearly see that we invested in the best equipment available.  Honestly, the other carpet cleaner prices should be MUCH lower because the steam cleaning stick they all tend to use is MUCH cheaper.

It’s this philosophy that drove us to be the best carpet cleaner in Round Rock and continues to propel us into the position of best carpet cleaner in Pflugerville, Austin, Lakeway, and Cedar Park.   Our promise to you is that Sam’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning will give your carpet, hardwood, and tile floors our complete attention and leave you more than satisfied…we’ll leave you impressed!  Sam is not an out-of-state CEO.  He is a hands-on owner who puts his name on every job.  Call Sam today for a free quote for better carpet cleaning than you ever thought was possible.

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You shouldn’t pay the same price for inferior carpet cleaning.  If you insist on using a carpet cleaning company with a steam cleaning wand, you should at least insist on a huge discount, no… a YUUUUUUUGE discount…because you ARE receiving discount carpet cleaning.  Good luck, though.  They won’t be able to go much lower because they are investing in franchise fees to some New York City CEO who knows how to sell franchises but may not have ever cleaned a carpet.  After paying for the CEO’s private plane and multi-million dollar suite in a fancy New York high-rise apartment, there is no money left to invest in better carpet cleaning equipment.

Don’t get us wrong.  We applaud anyone who worked hard enough and has been successful enough to afford to live in the most expensive real estate in the country, but we don’t think the quality of carpet cleaning you receive should suffer for it.  We believe it’s unethical to charge you full price for inferior carpet cleaning that looks good on the surface just to line the pockets of the owners.  We believe our profits should come from providing great service, cleaning carpet and upholstery better than you expect, and earning your referrals and repeat business.